Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Craft Cult Ad Experience, New Shop News, and Just ScrapsNThings!

This is going to be a triple blog post because I have multiple topics to cover and the them of this weeks Wednesday Blog Post Challenge is to focus our post on the person who posted before us. So I'll be posting about that too.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to advertise on Craft Cult for a week. Now that week is up and I know that many readers of my last post wanted to know how it went. So I'm going to try to be as in depth as possible about my experience. I know that many sellers are contemplating advertising there, but since Craft Cult's viewers are mostly etsy sellers, it may not always work out best for the person advertising there. You have to know your Target Audience. If you're product is meant for etsy sellers, Craft Cult is definitely something you should try. I noticed multiple ads that were selling etsy business guides, banners, etsy shop sets, etc. I would not recommend Craft Cult for jewelry sellers since there are so many jewelery sellers that use Craft Cult.

Anyways, now to start talking about how it worked for me. I sell wallets, so my target audience can be both etsy sellers and non etsy sellers, so it would either work out really well or not so well. In my case, Craft Cult isn't the site for me. I got many hearts, but not any sales (I'm still fairly new to etsy and haven't had a bunch of sales yet). Here's what my ad looked like:


I think it was a fairly decent ad for a first timer. It showed my products at different angles and was still readable.

What did I get from my Craft Cult ad? No sales, but a lot of hearts. So clearly it does help with exposure, and maybe it will lead t sales in the future. Here's what my Craftopolis looks like for the week:


Not what I was expecting. I was hoping to earn a few sales from this week. Oh well. Eventally I'm going to try advertising on some blogs. I've heard that that may work out better. Craftopolis isn't entirely accurate with hearts, so here's what my activity feed looks like (with the names and faces smudged of course):




That's probably more cumulative shop and item hearts than I've had before, so I guess that's a plus. Hope this was helpful to other sellers!

New Shop News:

As some of you may now, I will be opening a new sop in the future. It will be pretty much all for kids and I'm going to try to stay as eco-friendly as possible! One of the things that I will be selling is recycled crayons. I've been researching other sellers who sell crayons and none of them seem to be trying to be eco friendly. Because I'm selling recycled crayons made from old, broken, or unwanted crayons, I'm starting a crayon exchange. Here's what you need to know:

Crayon Exchange: Have Old, Unwanted Crayons that you don't know that to do with?
Here's what you do:
1. Contact me with a general idea of the amount of crayons you have. I'll take any amount!
2. After that, you will send me your crayons, and, depending on your quantity, I'll give a gift card type of thing with a given amount on it that you can use at either of my shops (meaning Cool Kid Designs and my new shop once it's set up).

Easy enough! If you have any questions feel free to comment on this blog or convo me on etsy or here's my email:

Help me keep crayons from landfills!

 Just Scraps N Things!

JustScrapsNThings sells scrapbook embellishments, cards and other paper goodies! Since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, I'll feature their Valentine's Day themed items. 

First of all, here's a link to her shop:

Now Here's some valentines day tags that you'll love:


Aren't they adorable? Perfect for giving out Valentine's Day gifts. This listing is for 3 tags, so it's great for giving gifts to your close friends.

You can use these for all kinds of things just like she said here:

You can use them for:
*Lunch box notes
*Thank you notes
*Wedding, Anniversary
*Gift tags
*Price tags
*Card making
*Goody bags, plates of cookies or as a tag for fresh baked bread.
*Place cards
*Etc..... The possiblities are endless.

Unfortunatly, I don't have much more time to write. I'll probably do a second post all about this shop tomorrow since that's after my tests are over. If I have any hopes for passing, I should probably get studying. Promotional Frenziers-I'll have everyone's blogs commented on by the end of the night!


  1. Great post! Just scraps n things have some great cards :) Thanks for sharing your experience with Craftcult as well. I've always wondered if advertising there was helpful.

  2. Great items from justscaps.

    Thanks for sharing your Craftcult experience.

  3. ScrapsNthings works wonders with bits of this and that. Very clever lady.

  4. Great post, love the shop you have featured.

  5. Great post! the crayon exchange sounds great! I love just scraps n things. I have some flower embellishments from just scraps and love them. Don't worry I'll list the cards one of these days.

  6. Thanks for letting us know a bit more of what she does.

  7. Just scraps and things??? I wish I could make that look that good. Great shop Scraps!!!

  8. LOVE the crayon idea... I will for sure keep that in mind! We go through the crayons like crazy here.

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